Frequently Asked Questions - Users

How is the venue chosen?

When an athlete accepts your booking, you will automatically be sent the address. The addressesare all chosen by the athlete, unless it is a virtual event, or an event where the athlete will need tocome to you (outlined in their listings). If you have a specific request for where the locationshould be, include that in the message to the athlete during booking so they can consider it whenreviewing the request.

What if I want to book an experience but I am under 18?

Stipend users must be 18+. However, a parent or guardian may book an experience for you thatyou participate in. They will need to just let the athlete know who will be participating in theexperience when they submit the booking request.

What if I need to cancel an experience I booked?

You will be able to cancel up to 24 hours before the start of an experience, without a fee.  Within24 hours, you will be charged for the entirety of the experience. Please contact us by phone at(855-778-4736).

If an athlete cancels an experience, how will I be notified?

In the event an experience is cancelled, or needs to be rescheduled, we will notify you by SMSand email. If the athlete hasn’t shown up 5 minutes after the scheduled start of the experience,please call us at  (855-778-4736).

What if there is going to be bad weather during a scheduled in-person experience?

In the event of expected inclement weather that will conflict with an in-person experience, if it ismore than 24 hours in advance of the experience, please contact the other party through thein-site communication and discuss if there are any alternate locations or options. If it is within 24hours of the experience and you wish to cancel or reschedule due to expected inclement weather,please contact Stipend at  (855-778-4736). Any cancellation request within an hour of theexperience may not be honored and could be treated as a no show without a refund.

Who do I notify if I am running late?

It is very important that you show up to your experiences 

10 minutes early. 

If you are over 15minutes late, there is no guarantee the athlete will still be there and you could be charged for thefull experience.  If you are running late at all, please contact us by phone at  (855-778-4736).

What do I do if the athlete is late?

Please contact us immediately. If the athlete has not shown up 15 minutes after you havecontacted Stipend at  (855-778-4736) and notified us,you may cancel/leave and be refundedfully.

What if an athlete doesn’t answer my request?

When you submit a request, we notify the athlete via email and SMS. We will continue to remindthe athlete to accept or decline the request until it is completed. The request will time out in 7days or at the time of the requested experience.

How do virtual experiences work?

When an athlete accepts a virtual experience request, they will provide the URL to a GoogleMeet meeting room in their accepting response or subsequent communication. Simply enter thatURL into your browser at the date and time of your experience and enjoy.

How can I request a custom experience?

If you would like to request a custom experience, please email us at and wewill pitch it to the athlete for you.  Please include specifics about the custom experience,including description, location, price, and duration.

What if the school I am interested in isn’t listed?

Stipend will always be looking to expand our list of schools.  If you do not see your universityhere, please email us at and we will notify you when it is added.