Frequently Asked Questions - Athletes

How quickly will I get paid?

If no disputes are filed within 48 hours of a scheduled experience, then your payment will beprocessed to you at that time. Our payment processor, Stripe, will then deposit the money intoyour account within 5-10 days.

How do I pick out a location for an in-person experience?

In almost all cases, the venue selection is up to you. Pick somewhere public and convenient.Make sure there is plenty of room for the activity you are doing, and that the location you haveselected is compliant with your school (some schools have rules against doing NIL activities inschool facilities). Sometimes the requestor will ask for a specific location (ex: event appearancesor youth camps).

Who is responsible for compliance?

Athletes are responsible for disclosing all necessary reports and disclosures to their respectiveinstitutions. Stipend will provide annual information for reporting. Stipend is not responsible inany way for compliance and reporting to schools and other institutions, but is available to assistif needed at

Can I still use Stipend when I graduate?

We will review each graduating athlete’s activity to determine if they should stay on the platformonce their eligibility expires. We will keep actively participating athletes on the platform, on acase-by-case basis.

Can high school athletes become Stipend athletes?

Currently, Stipend is for student-athletes enrolled in college. Many states have rules against highschool athletes making money via their Name, Image, and Likeness. As the rules change, we willbe revisiting this policy. Please keep checking in from time to time.

What do I need to know about taxes and Stipend?

Any athletes that make more than $600 in a year on Stipend will need to fill out a W-9 andupload the document to their profile on our website.  At the end of the year, we will send you thenecessary tax paperwork.

What happens if a customer is late?

Occasionally customers may be late. We ask that you be somewhat understanding. If you want tostart the clock on the experience at the time it is supposed to start, you can. You need to contactStipend at  (855-778-4736) if the customer is late. If the customer has not arrived 

15 minutesafter you inform us 

the customer is late, or at the regularly scheduled ending of an experience(whichever is sooner) you can leave, and be paid in full for the experience.

What happens if a customer never shows up?

If your customer has not shown up after you have been on-site for 15 minutes AFTER you havecalled Stipend at  (855-778-4736) and informed us the customer hasn’t shown up, you will bepaid the full amount of the experience.

Why do you need my driver's license and W9?

We need your driver’s license to verify it matches with your completed profile information.  Ifyou make over $600 on Stipend, we need a W-9 filled to be able to submit a 1099 form to you atthe end of the year for tax purposes.

What if my schedule or availability changes?

You can update your availability in your profile at any time.  If you need to reschedule a bookedevent, please do so on the site.  If it is within 48 hours, please also send an email

How do I complete a virtual experience?

When you accept a virtual experience request, you will provide the URL to a Google Meetmeeting room in your accepting response or subsequent communication. Simply enter that URLinto your browser at the day and time of your experience and enjoy. Google Meet meeting creation steps on a computer 1. Go to Click New Meeting button3. Click Create a meeting for later option4. Copy the URL information and paste it into your communication with the requestor on

If a fan cancels an experience, how will I be notified?

If a fan cancels, or requests to reschedule, we will send you a SMS message and an email.

What if there is going to be bad weather during a scheduled in-person experience?

In the event of expected inclement weather that will conflict with an in-person experience, if it ismore than 24 hours in advance of the experience, please contact the other party through thein-site communication and discuss if there are any alternate locations or options. If it is within 24hours of the experience and you wish to cancel or reschedule due to expected inclement weather,please contact Stipend at (855) 778-4736. Any cancellation request within an hour of theexperience may not be honored and could be treated as a no show without a refund.

What if my school isn’t on the list of schools to choose from?

Stipend will always be looking to expand our list of schools.  If you do not see your universityhere, please email us at and we will notify you when it is added.

Can I disable my account?

Yes. If at any point you wish to disable your account simply email with therequest and it will be disabled within 24 hours.